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The National Athletic Trainer's Association is committed to providing our members with professional job opportunities commensurate with their skills and educational background. Athletic trainers are highly trained and educated allied health care professionals. They specialize in the prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and illnesses. All hold a bachelor's degree; almost 70 percent hold a master's or doctoral degree.

If you are seeking an athletic trainer, but are unsure of a position's scope of duties, prerequisite experience or competencies you may visit the Sample Job Descriptions page for examples of such.

NATA does not suggest, approve or require salary levels for jobs offered to its members. It does not influence or have input into salaries employers offer to NATA members. To be posted on the NATA professional career center, position salaries should meet or exceed the 25th percentile for that job category- based on published salary data. This is to ensure job openings listed for our members are appropriate, professional positions.

For more information about job compensation based on the NATA Salary Survey Executive Summary visit AT Salary Survey.

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